About Nosara

Don’t be surprised if your day begins with a sound you’ve never experienced

Situated on the Northwest Pacific coast of the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica on the Nicoya Peninsula is a magical place known as Playa Nosara, at once tranquil and invigorating – it all depends on you.

Once a sleepy coastal town, Nosara has become a more sought after destination because of the wide range of activities it has to offer, the natural biodiversity of the area and its distinct stunning beaches, which offer both beautiful vistas and new adventures limited only by what you’re willing to experience.

Nosara Wildlife

When in Nosara, don’t be surprised if your day begins with a sound you’ve never experienced . . . it’s not the alarm clock. It’s the call of the Mantled Howler Monkey, one of five Howler species found in Central America and very common to Nosara because of the abundance of trees and easy access to their natural diet.

Unlike most coastal tourist towns, Nosara lacks nearly any development directly on the beach as much of it consists of the Ostional Wildlife Refuge, which is necessary due to the presence of breeding Olive Ridley and Leatherback sea turtle populations, another local resident you may encounter during your visit, so keep an eye out. Literally hundreds of thousands of sea turtles flock here annually to lay their eggs.

Ever look out your bedroom to see a tree full of parrots in the morning? You probably will in Nosara. These beautiful tropical birds, along with Scarlet Macaws, Amazons and Hummingbirds, make their home here. In fact, Costa Rica is a bird watcher’s paradise, with nearly 900 species recorded in the country, about 600 of which are full-time residents.

Climate on the Coast

Many who visit the area find the Nosara climate to be ideal. You will feel the warmth of being on the coast when you visit Nosara, but with the cool tropical breezes coming off the surf to keep you comfortable at night. You’ll want to keep your windows open to hear the sounds of nature that will lull you to sleep. Many nights you may reach for a light blanket to keep you warm.

It’s only at high noon that you may need air conditioning to cool you off – that’s if you’re not already in the pool, catching waves or enjoying one of the many outside activities that await you during your visit.

What to do, what to do . . .

Whether you are the type of person who likes to plan every moment of your vacation or just relax and take it as it comes, Nosara has something for everyone. For the Yogi in you, there’s the world-renowned Nosara Yoga Institute. Since 1994, devotees have flocked here to become more attuned to the practice, whether seeking education on instruction or partaking in public classes, the Institute is widely sought after as a year-round destination. In addition, you will find several studios in the area offering yoga instruction at all levels.

Once you’ve re-centered yourself, you may be ready for some adventure! Consider all that a Coastal community like Nosara’s has to offer:  deep sea and sport fishing, stand up paddling, kayaking in the nearby river, snorkeling and last but not least, surfing.

If you’re more of a landlubber, you can walk on the beach (choose between black or pink sand if you like), take an eco-tour, go horseback riding in the mountains, enjoy a zip line or canopy tour, or visit the village of Nosara – just three miles from the coast – where you will find small hotels, shops and incredible restaurants.

Chefs from around the globe have settled in Nosara and their influence is apparent, with gourmet cuisine ranging from Italian to French to Mediterranean to local flavors; your taste buds will be pleasantly surprised and your options are many.

What not to do?

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself, to make lasting memories with friends and family and remember . . . this is the land of Pura Vida!